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From the present,

REVERSE, ARMS (all movements with a 3 beat pause between each)

1st: the left hand releases the musket and is turned the other way and grabs the musket backhanded.

2nd: the musket is moved under the left arm, the right hand above the butt and below the lock, the left hand moves from the swell and seizes the cock and hammer with the left fore fingers and thumb. which now are turned toward the ground, the trigger guard now facing upward.

3rd: the right hand quits the musket and is thrown behind the body, and grasps the musket from behind the body; the right heel at the same time is brought to its original position. The butt of the musket is facing rather upwards, the barrel more toward the ground, the whole at approximately a 60 degree angle.


REST ON ARMS, REVERSED (all movements with a 3 beat pause between each)

1st: the right hand quits the musket from behind and is brought to the front and grasps the end of the musket at the butt.

2nd: the musket is brought to a perpendicular position; the muzzle placed upon the toes of the left foot.

3rd: The left hand is brought up to the butt with the right. The right foot drops back.

4th: The soldiers' head is bowed forward, leaning on the back of the left hand.



The soldiers raise their heads instantly.

PRESENT, ARMS (all movements with a 3 beat pause between each)

1st: The left hand quits the position on top of the right hand at the butt and is placed open at the swell, fingers downward.

2nd: The right hand quits the butt, the musket is reversed by the left hand and the right hand is then brought to the small of the butt, resuming the position of present arms.


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