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Here you will find items available to the unit from the unit.
Your Quartermaster is Private Kevin GARRETT .
Hackles - White Grenadier for shako - free of charge
Shako plates - Royal Scots brass shako plates - $ 55 each
Musket flints - Large or small - $ 3 each
Leather Jaw Pads - free for the asking
Lace - Royal Scots Regimental - $ 7.50 per metre
Forage Cap (Bonnet de Police) -  $15 for a kit or $25 complete from the QM, send head circumference.
Powder - by bulk group collective purchase yearly. $16/lb.
Buttons - Royal Scots Regimental - $ 1.75 each small. $1.85 each large.
Regimental Belt Plate - $70 each. 
Medium-grey wool blend - $11/yard for the production of trousers. Purchase your grey wool from the unit, have Kevin make them for you or take to another producer. Allows for consistency of colour across all soldiers.

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Basic Kit requirements
  Do you have what you need?
 This page is a reference to refer to in order to outfit yourself and your family. The items listed are what is needed for the particular personna and an email link is indicated with each item to contact to purchase that item.
Minimum Requirements For Camp Activity
Drop front trousers grey wool  -  Linda's Early Fashions - QM Kevin Garrett 
Brogans  - Robert Land (see links - sutlers - Robert Land shoes )
Shirt, white  -  Linda's Early FashionsQM Kevin Garrett  Sharon Dennison
Barrack's Jacket  -  Linda's Early Fashions - QM Kevin Garrett 
Forage cap (bonnet de police)  -  QM Kevin Garrett 
Gaiters, black  -  Linda's Early Fashions
Leather Neckstock, black  -  Joe Arnold 
Linen haversack, white  -  Linda's Early Fashions
Suspenders  -  Linda's Early Fashions
Additional Minimum Requirements for Field Duty
Regimental Redcoat  -  Norm Drouillard - QM Kevin Garrett - Captain's Mistress
Shako  -  Norm Drouillard
Leather cross belts, buff  -  Norm Drouillard
Regimental belt plate  -  The Discriminating General - QM Kevin Garrett 
Cartridge box  -  Norm Drouillard
Bayonet Scabbard  -  Les Szabo 
Wisk and pick  -  Les Szabo 
Brown Bess  -  Les Szabo , Loyalist Arms & Repairs 
Water Kettle  -  Canadian Tire
Other Items
Bellback wedge tent  -  Tentsmiths , Panther Primitives
Wooden canteen, round, blue  -  Jas. Townsend & Son
Tin plate, knife, fork, spoon  - 
Storage box  -  self made
Blanket  -  Value Village
Drop front trousers, white  -  Linda's Early Fashions QM Kevin Garrett 
Advanced Items
Trotter pack - Darryn Flameling 
For assistance with any questions
Contact the Military Advisor - Glyn Parsons 
any NCO
the Commanding Officer
Period British bell back Wedge Tents
British Bell Back Wedge Tent - 6' X 6' X 7'
    Other than the kit to use on a daily basis for this hobby a tent is one of the most important items which must be acquired. There is nothing better than being able to stay out for the night and enjoy the entire weekend as a group. Tentage however is limited to the number available, those in need, the number available by members not using them and those who are willing to relocate themselves to offer up space.
     The tent is one of the more expensive items of purchase but one of the most necessary. 
     Tentsmith tents are the preferred tent as they are the best available. Order your tent as soon as possible, it takes time to ship and put together. Tents from Tentsmiths are approximately $375 Canadian which includes, mud flaps, shipping and duty.
     A cheaper alternative is a tent made locally by Ken Fisher of the HMS Charwell gun crew. Quality is not as good as Tentsmith tents but for those on a strict of limited budget it is an affordable alternative. Currently his tents run about $190 with poles included.
Minimum Requirements For Camp Activity
Consult with Lori, Bonni, Karen, Sharon or another campfollower. Sharon Dennison can do women's clothing and that is another option.
Chemise  -  Linda's Early Fashions
Shortgown  -  Linda's Early Fashions
cap  -  make your own, Linda's Millanry(the Hat Lady),
shoes  -  any black basic shoe
Other Items
Empire Dress  -  Linda's Early Fashions
Stockings  - 
Pockets  - make your own, Linda's Early Fashions
Patterns - see Patterns page
For assistance with any questions contact
the Civilian advisor Lori Hartwick 
any veteran camp follower
the Commanding Officer
Male campfollowers, same as soldiers - minimum kit for Camp Activity.
Boys - shirt, pants, shoes, hat.
Girls - same as minimun for women.
For the construction of redcoats:
Our very own QM Kevin Garrett
Norm Drouillard - Redcoats, shakos, belting.
270 St. Arnaud St.
Amherstburg, ON

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Items for sale to members from members
Many clothing and uniform items - available by talking to Kevin Garrett - Redcoats, trousers, breaches, etc. well made at a decent price. Call for quotes or email Kevin Garrett 
Shirts, Dresses, etc. - Sharon Dennison 

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