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2018 Events



The time is 9:35:31 PM

What are our events for 2019?

Longwoods March - March 2

Longwoods Memorial - March 3

41st Gala - March 16

History Conference - March 23

Officer/NCO School - April 27

All Units Drill Fort York - April 28

Battle of Longwoods - May 4-5

Fanshawe Ed Day - May 10

Battle of Stoney Creek - June 1-2

Engagement at the 40 - June 8

Genesee Village Jane Austin Weekend - June 22-23

Backus Page Timeline - June 22-23

Canada Day at Fanshawe Village - July 1

Fort George - July 13-14

Fanshawe 1812 - July 27-28

Siege of Fort Erie - Aug 3-4

Grand Tactical Discovery Harbour - Aug 10-11

Fort George Timeline - Aug 24-25

Fort Niagara - Aug 31-Sept 1

Backus Mills - Sept 7-8

Battle of Glengarry - Sept 28-29

Queenston Heights March - Oct 4

Mississinewa - Oct 11-13

Engagement at Bradley - Oct 19-20






Don't forget to register
Don't forget to register for the events you are going to attend both with us via the Roll Call page and also with those sites you need to register via their websites. See the next entry below.
Many sites rely on you telling them you intend to come out. In many cases they serve a meal and need to order accordingly.
It is your responsibility to ensure you are registered for an event.

Event registrations
What events do I have to register myself for? Which ones are taken care of by the group? This is a list of the events for this year and how the registrations are taken care of.
For those that are by group, a group representative will send one email with those who are attending based on your input on the roll call. If your name is NOT on the roll call it will NOT be included in the email.
For those that you need to take care of yourself, simply click the link on the calendar of events. Either fill in the form once you find it or send them an email.
Longwoods long march - individual
Longwoods march and memorial - group
Officer/NCO school - Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON - group
All Units Drill Fort George - Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON - group
Battle of Longwoods - London, ON - group
Fort Meigs - Perrysburg, OH - individual
Battle of Stoney Creek - Stoney Creek, ON - individual
Canada Day Fanshawe and pool party - London, ON - group
Fort George - Niagara-on-the-Lake - group
Fort Niagara - group
Siege of Fort Erie - Fort Erie, ON - group
Fanshawe 1812 - London, ON - individual
Backus Mill - Port Rowan, ON - individual
Battle at Bradley - Mississauga, ON - individual
Mississinewa - Individual
Mississinewa 1812 - Marion, IN - individual

Disclaimer: It is the ultimate responsibility of each member to ensure that they have registered themselves with the site in which they plan to attend. The above list is given for guidence and in no way indicates full accuracy. Events and registration change without notice.
Please make the attempt to let the event know you are coming by either filling in their on line form, sending them an email or letting the unit commander know and conversely letting them know you cannot attend if circumstances change and you cannot attend.

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Yahoo War of 1812 message group - the 'one list'

The Yahoo Groups War of 1812 Message group
'One List' as it is known
is a site for keeping touch with what other
re-enactors are saying about our hobby
Full of useful and some non-useful communication
Take it for what it is worth
To access, simply click the Yahoo Groups picture above
You don't have to be a member to read the posts

Adding photos to albums
To add photos to the 2007 albums you will need to go to Flickr and sign in
Username is     royalscots07
Password is      1royalgroup1photo


Upper Canada Military Re-enactment Society
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Michelle McKenney, Susan Piper
Katie Stumpf, Sabrina Stumpf, Karen Westhouse

Appointed Positions
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Treasurer & Insurance - Glyn Parsons
Quartermaster - Kevin Garrett
Website - Dave Westhouse


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