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The orders are in Bold Print. The actions of each order are then listed with the actions of each order as required.



1. Prime and Load.


 1st. Bring the firelock down in one brisk motion to the priming position, the thumb of the right hand placed against the pan-cover, or steel; the fingers clenched; and the elbow a little turned out, so that the wrist may be clear of the cock.


 2nd. Open the pan, by throwing up the steel, with a strong motion of the right arm, turning the elbow in, and keeping the firelock steady in the left hand.


2. Handle, Cartridge.


 1st. Bring your hand round to the pouch, and draw out the cartridge from the pouch.


 2nd. Bring it to the mouth, holding it between the fore-finger and thumb, bite off the top of the cartridge.


3. Prime.


 1st. Shake some powder into the pan.


 2nd. Shut the pan with the three last fingers.


 3rd. Seize the small of the butt with the above three fingers.


4. Cast, About ('Bout.)


1st. Turn the piece nimbly round to the loading position; the butt within two inches of the ground, the lock towards the front, and the muzzle of the piece near the breast; the right hand to be brought on that part of the barrel on which the sight is placed; both feet are to be kept in this position.


 2nd. Drop the butt on the ground without noise, shake the powder into the barrel, putting in after it the paper.


 3rd. Seize the top of the ramrod with the fore-finger and thumb.


5. Draw, Ramrods.


 1st. Force the ramrod half out; and seize it backhanded exactly in the middle.


 2nd. Draw it entirely out, and turning it with the whole hand and arm extended from you, put it one inch into the barrel.


6. Ram down, Cartridge.


 1st. Push the ramrod down, holding it as before, exactly in the middle, till the hand touches the muzzle.


 2nd. Slip the fore-finger and thumb to the upper end, without letting the ramrod fall farther into the barrel.


 3rd. Push the cartridge well down to the bottom.


 4th. Strike it two very quick strokes with the ramrod.


7. Return, Ramrods.


 1st. Draw the ramrod half out, catching it backhanded.


 2nd. Draw it entirely out, turning it very briskly from you, with the arm extended, and put it into the loops, forcing it as quick as possible to the bottom; then face to the proper front, the finger and thumb of the right hand holding the ramrod, as in the position immediately previous to drawing it, and the butt raised two inches from the ground.


8. Shoulder, Arms.


   Strike the top of the muzzle smartly with the right hand, in order to fix the bayonet and ramrod more firmly, and at the same time throw it nimbly up, at one motion, to the shoulder.

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