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Welcome to the Royal Scots Grenadiers
So now that you have decided to join and paid your dues you are now getting your kit together and wondering where to get it all from and what to get and how much it all costs. The answers can come from a variety of sources including this website, the commanding officer, the military and civilian advisors, the QM, the NCO's and other seasoned members.
Where do I start?
First, talk to one of the above mentioned members of the unit. Many have been in the hobby for quite some time and know where to get each item you will need, how much to pay, how accurate the item needs to be and what to get and when.
What items do I start with to be a soldier?
There are nine basic items you will need to acquire to get started for the most basic look. These are black boots, gaiters, grey drop front pants, a white pull over shirt, a leather neck stock, a forage cap, barrack's jacket and haversack. These items are listed on the QM-Basic Kit -Sales page and list the items and links to those to get the item from.
Shoes should be black and eventually should be period brogans.
Gaiters are black wool, canvas or denim type material with ten buttons up the side and go over the boots, under the pants.
Pants are grey drop front trousers.
The shirt is a simple t shape white cotton pull over with high collar and open at the neck with one button closure.
The neck stock is made of black leather and goes around the neck.
The forage cap is unit specific as is the barrack's jacket.
The haversack is off white linen or canvas.
The pants, shirt, gaiters and haversack can be purchased from Linda's early fashions, handmade yourself or talk to the current QM.
The jacket can be purchased from Linda's Early Fashions or talk to the current QM.
The forage cap comes from unit stores so talk to the current QM.
The neck stock, a good one, is hard to come buy. Talk to members for current sources.
Where do I find the contact information for Linda's Early Fashions or others to buy the items specified?
The contacts for basic items are listed on the QM-Basic Kit -Sales and many of the sutlers mentioned by members you will talk to our listed on the Sutlers page.
Who is the QM (quarermaster) and what does the QM do?
The current QM is Kevin Garrett. His responsibility is to look after items purchased by the group and made for sale to members that are hard to get or need to be bought in quantity. He also is a source of information on where to get items of kit and who can make them.
What are the other items I need get after the basics?
Redcoat - This, talk to the group. Making one yourself may seem cheaper to start with but there are a lot of details that need to be done correctly. There are a few people to contact to make one.
Kevin Garrett our QM
Norm Drouillard
These are the 2 best sources at the moment. The coat runs about $400-$500 and is the second most expensive item.
Musket - The most expensive item. The best musket to purchase is a Pedersoli. The best quality out there and most reliable. Also the most expensive, about $1100. Les Sabo of the Lion's Den is also another source for less expensive alternatives. Talk to the group about this one.
Belting - White buff leather. Go for the best quality to start. It's more money, but it's right. Norm Drouillard makes a good set for a good price.
Cartridge box - Norm Drouillard makes an affordable replica. Other more expensive and historically correct models are available as well as cheap knock offs. Buyer beware. Talk to the group.
Other items are listed on the QM-Basic Kit -Sales page. As you get further into buying items you will be more comfortable with who to buy it from and what exactly to buy.
I've got most of my kit but not all, can I still play?
Yes. It is not necessary to have it all to come out and enjoy the hobby. Many times members can pool together extras bits and pieces to help you along. Don't wait for your kit to be fully complete before you come out.
I want to stay out and enjoy the event for the whole weekend. I need a tent. What do I look for?
You will need to get a period bellback wedge tent. 6x6x7. Only the officer gets a larger tent. All others are uniformly the same. This is the way it was back then and it looks better too. The best places to buy one from are Tentsmiths Tents and Panther Primitives. Talk to the group to see examples of the quality of different levels and the costs involved.
In what order do I buy the items?
It is not necessary to purchase the items in this order but this is a relevent order to get the items needed at the right time to best stretch usefullness and your dollar.
1. Forage cap, shirt, pants, gaiters, neck stock, barrack's jacket, haversack, black boots (brogans later)
2. Tent
3. Belting and belt plate
4. Shako and plate
5. Musket (purchases as soon as possible)
6. Redcoat
7. Brogans
8. All other items needed or wanted
This order gets one out and looking correct and adding items as needed.
Do I just show up to events? Do I register? How do I do that?
As you become more familiar with how this hobby works you will get around it easier.
To start, fill in the form on the Duty Call page. The information you give on that form, for what events you wish to attend, will be posted on the Roll Call 2010 page. This shows you, the unit and everyone in it what events everyone else is set to go to.
You may attend any events you wish. As many or as little but you are encouraged to attend a specific few so that our numbers are as great as they can be. These events are usually designated by vote from all the Crown Forces units each year. There are usually 3.
As far as registering. Which ones do I register for and which ones am I registered by someone else? The following is a list from the note on the member's page about this;
Event registrations
What events do I have to register myself for? Which ones are taken care of by the group? This is a list of the events for this year and how the registrations are taken care of.
For those that are by group, Hal or Dave will send one email with those who are attending based on your input on the roll call. If your name is NOT on the roll call it will NOT be included in the email.
For those that you need to take care of yourself, simply click the link on the calendar of events. Either fill in the form once you find it or send them an email.
Registration by group taken care of via group email
Battle of Longwoods Memorial - Wardsville, ON
All units Drill Day, Fort George - Niagara-on-the-lake, ON
Battle of Longwoods - London, ON
Genesee Village - Mumford, NY
Crysler's Farm - Morrisburg, ON
Seige of Fort Erie - Fort Erie, ON
Fairfield - Thamesville, ON
River Raisin Memorial - Monroe, MI
Registration via on line site link or site email
Fort Meigs - Perrysburg, OH
Battle of Stoney Creek - Stoney Creek, ON
Port Dover Marine Festival - Port Dover, ON
Wasaga Under Siege - Wasaga Beach, ON
Sackets Harbor - Sackets Harbor, NY
Backus Mill - Port Rowan, ON
Fanshawe - London, ON
Mississinewa 1812 - Marion, IN
Battle of Ogdensburg - Ogdnesburg, NY
Disclaimer: It is the ultimate responsibility of each member to ensure that they have registered themselves with the site in which they plan to attend. The above list is given for guidence and in no way indicates full accuracy. Events and registration change without notice.
Please make the attempt to let the event know you are coming by either filling in their on line form, sending them an email or letting the unit commander know and conversely letting them know you cannot attend if circumstances change and you cannot attend.
For those that you need to register for yourself online go to the Calendar of Events page and find that event, click on the event link and it will open a new page. Find the link on the event site for registering, fill in the form and click 'submit'. It's that simple. Sending in a form like this helps the site figure out how many re-enactors they can expect to show up and order the right amount of food, water, wood and straw for the weekend.
This is an example;
Oct 2-3 . . . Fanshawe 1812 - London, ON

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