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On the line simple things like always watching the touch hole after firing to see the smoke exiting, ensuring never to point your musket actually at someone and  making sure you never over prime or over load are key things to watch, will serve you well, and keep you safe. 


Follow the commands of your Officer and NCOs. The people we have in command positions are outstanding and will look after you.  If you feel uncomfortable in a situation just "take a hit" and go down.  There is no shame or harm in that.  In fact, we seldom see enough casualties.  On the field is not the time to question what is going on.  Follow the orders and do your drills correctly.


Off the field remember that there is a place and time to consume alcohol.  Remember that alcohol and firearms don't ever mix and it takes many hours to clear all the alcohol out of your body. Yes it is important to remember.


We all need to remember to drink lots of water. Even on cloudy days.  We are working hard and wearing wool.  By the time you think you need to drink it's too late.  Pop doesn't help. It actually dehydrates you more. Please drink mostly water during the day, and lots of it.


Fire is used for cooking and keeping us warm.  It's not a place to play or run around. Even what looks to be a cold fire pit could easily have hot embers burning in the bottom.  At the end of the evening the fire needs to have water poured over it to put it out.  Don't leave a fire burn unattended.  Our tents are canvas and will burn. Even a fire that looks almost out can pick up if the wind hits it right.


There has to be buckets of water near the fire incase it gets out of control or at the end of the night to be doused.  If you do get a burn quickly plunge the burned area into the water.  It takes a long time to cool a burn so be patient.


These are some of the things that if we all work together can help keep us all safe.  I look forward to seeing you all again at Longwoods if not sooner.
Steve Hartwick.

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