Dealing with Heat Stress

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Dealing with the heat - Heat Stress
 Prior to the Event

Do spend some time outdoors in the warmth - perhaps an evening walk, some yard work etc. The exercise will benefit you but the exposure to the heat will also
help to acclimate your body to the warmer temperatures.

Start drinking extra glasses or bottles of water a couple of days in advance of the event. Make sure that you show up to the event properly hydrated as a starting point.

At the Event

Seek shade - whenever you can. If you go to the shade when you are hot and sweating; you may already be well on your way to heat stress. Try to stay ahead
of the curve.

Constantly drink water, even if you do not feel thirsty. There is an old sports adage that says if you are thirsty then it is too late, you are dehydrated. As a self-check (sorry for getting personal) when you void fluid, it should be copious and clear. If it is darkly coloured or if you do not have to go for long periods of time, then you are not drinking enough.

If you have trouble coping with the heat, avoid diuretics such as coffee, tea or alcohol.

Drink more water. Oh, and if it was not mentioned, drink more water. What is a
few extra trips to the porta potties if it keeps you functional and feeling good all weekend?

Take care of yourself!

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